When Given the Chance to Get Crafty…

I recently had the opportunity to create some simple decorations for a baby shower. While this is a little bit outside of our self-prescribed box as apparel and accessory decorators, it was such a fun and creative project to be a part of!

It was intended to be a city themed shower, as the parents-to-be (again) have named their children after beautiful cities around the world. Brain-storming and setting out to find different inspiration for decorations proved to be a little harder than we thought. Apparently ‘cities’ and ‘skylines’ are only popular decorations when included in superhero themes. I was on a bit of a time crunch, so I had to broaden my reach. I decided to include maps, and it didn’t turn out too badly!

Being a smaller party, there wasn’t need for much over the top decorations. Just simple little notes of theme here and there to make it feel like an actual party versus people just stopping over for a chat. I started with the idea of making framed skylines, just to make sure that ‘cities’ was incorporated into the theme. I felt this was important because it was inclusive of not only the coming baby, but the two older sisters.

 The expectant parents loved the framed skylines and have requested I make one with the new baby's name (once they decide on one).

The expectant parents loved the framed skylines and have requested I make one with the new baby’s name (once they decide on one).

Once I had decided that maps would be part of the theme, I set out on an expedition…to my local Michael’s. I was in luck, as they were having an amazing sale on map themed scrapbook paper! Naturally I just started pulling sheets. I wasn’t sure how much I needed, and ended up with a lot more than actually necessary, so I put my brain back to work. What would add to the theme in a subtle and cute way? CUPCAKE WRAPPERS! I mean, I’m sure most people are just waiting to tear the wrapper off of the cupcake, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be cute while they are sitting, waiting to be eaten. In all I made 52 cupcake wrappers, which was a breeze thanks to my amazing Cricut! The cupcakes ordered for the party were beautiful without the custom wrappers, but the wrappers really made it feel like a coherently themed party. (ALSO, if you are in the Los Angeles area and looking for cupcakes, Joy & Co. is a small business, run by an amazingly bright and passionate young woman. Her cakes are made from scratch, and she draws flavor inspiration from Mexican-American culture. Cajeta or tres leches anyone? The cake itself is so fluffy and moist, and the frosting…I’m supposed to be cutting sugar from my diet, and I may or may not have eat three of these babies! Find her on Instagram @_joyandco)

Alas, even after 52 cupcake wrappers, I still had a lot of map themed scrapbook paper at my disposal. I hadn’t decided on party favors yet (3 days before the party) and was scouring Pinterest and Google for quick and simple favor ideas, and then I remembered a childrens’ birthday party I went to a few years ago, where the parents handed out custom wrapped chocolate bars. So I Googled some more, found the approximate dimensions of a candy bar wrapper, ordered 2 boxes of chocolates (thank you Amazon Prime!), and started cutting down some of my map themed scrapbook paper to the right size, which I found to be about 6″x 5″. Once the chocolate arrived, I broke out the double sided tape and set to work with wrapping. During this process, I came to find that one box was five chocolate bars short! Someone at the Amazon warehouse must have gotten a bit hungry. I didn’t really need them all, but it’s the principle of it!


The only other party I’ve ever decorated for was my son’s first birthday, but I think this turned out pretty good, considering my lack of experience. I’m sure I could have gotten even more done (a banner, perhaps?), had I not procrastinated like I did, buuuut…sometimes I work better under pressure. And guess what? I still have some map themed scrapbook paper to save for a rainy day!

I’m looking forward to decorating another party!

*This is a cross-post from my business website, but thought it would be fun to share on my personal blog, too :)*


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