I Don’t Need My Husband.

You always hear the phrase, “It takes a village.” And I mean, from a sociological standpoint, I could absolutely agree. There are internal and external influences that all materialize in the person someone grows up to be. So I get it. It does take a village.

But I’m talking about the normal day to day activities. I know there are single parents out there, who live this life every day, and I wholeheartedly applaud them. It’s freaking tough. So when my husband went away for the weekend, for the first time since before we got married (and definitely for the first time since we had a baby), I was actually kind of scared. Of course I had had my son by myself during maternity leave and short trips to the store, but we’d never been by ourselves for prolonged periods of time. Days. The draft title of this post was, “It Takes a Village. Seriously.” I thought I was going to have a really difficult time with it, and I wanted to write about my experience.

The truth is…we were fine without my husband. was fine without my husband.

Our first excursion was out to Friday music class. We’ve been going to baby music classes since our son was 4 months old, so this was really no big deal. Bubs loves his music class and he’s a dance machine. It’s a good way to burn some of that robust toddler energy! We sang, we danced, we popped some bubbles.

The wonder of bubbles!

After class, we hung out at home for a bit, before mommy got bored and decided a trip to Target was in order. We got a some stuff we needed…and a bunch of stuff we didn’t, as per usual. For dinner, I made the tyke a bean and cheese burrito, which he proceeded to eat like a savage — taking bites along the length of the burrito. But I mean, at least he ate it. He ate the whole thing.

Bed time was a synch, too 😏

I’m a hot mess.


With husband out of town, I took the opportunity to do something that I enjoy, but he has no interest in, which is…The Renaissance Festival!

Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain the fascination. Maybe it’s the music, or the way they speak, or the way they dress…definitely the food. I just really enjoy cheesy stuff like that.

I loaded up the kid and made the 40 minute drive to the fair. I made the mistake of taking the wrong stroller, so my arms got a good work out pushing through dirt, gravel, and rocks (and carrying the kid when he found it better to whine about not wanting to sit or walk…).

We ate some food, looked at some of the cool vendor booths, listened to music, and danced. But then it got hot. Like, really hot. And my kid doesn’t ‘do’ hot. We were on our way to the other side of the park to watch some jousting, but the bubs was just getting too fussy. We turned back around to head to the exit. (Guess I’ll just have to go see jousting next year, husband!)

After being out in the sun all day, covered in dirt, sweat, and sugar, a bath was in order! My kid loves the water. I should probably look into some swimming lessons soon.



Daddy comes home today, but first…let’s party!

My niece’s 4th birthday party was this day, and we could not have been more excited! It was Moana themed, so naturally we started the day with the movie. He’s the cutest freaking thing when watching musical movies. He dances and tries to sing. He even gets the timing right on the big “OOOOOOOH!” in ‘Your Welcome’! UUUGGGH, my heart. Seriously.


My brother only lives about 2 miles from us, so we didn’t have far to travel, but we still ended up being late. I blame the kid. He’s often referred to as the kid who never naps, but magically naps when we have stuff to do. Or when we’re at Disneyland. I think he does it to spite us, but who knows.

I love my nieces. Even though we don’t live far from each other, we don’t see them as much as I wish we would. Anyway. The party was super fun. My amazing sister-in-law got Bubs the cutest Hawaiian shirt for the party, too! He matched with the newest addition, and if the two of them don’t warm your heart, then I don’t know what would! We had Hawaiian BBQ, the kids had a bounce house, Moana came and sang and danced with all the kids, and these were the most amazing cupcakes!

Of course the cupcakes came from my favorite little baker, Joy & Co. Cupcakes. Maybe I’m just biased, but they’re so good. She even made some extras with a tiny shot of rum…and uuuuggggh. The drool. If you live in LA and need some delicious and affordable cupcakes, definitely check her out on Instagram at @n.joycupcakes

Sometimes during the party, husband got home from his weekend away, so as things started to settle down, Bubs and I booked it home to see our missing piece. Picture messaging and FaceTime just aren’t the same thing, and we needed daddy cuddles!

Overall, the weekend was great. I wasn’t nearly as helpless as I thought I would be, and me and the kid had an amazing time together. While it was only a couple of days, it showed me that I don’t need my husband. I got through the weekend quite swimmingly. But I do want him. He adds to the joy and love in our days, and life just isn’t the same without him. I told him he’s not allowed to leave again! LOL.

I tried to do a little vlog type thing to track our weekend especially for Husband. I wasn’t planning to share it with anyone but him, but you can check it out too, if you’d like ’cause…why not?


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