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Part Of My Mom Philosophy

It’s hard to find your mom groove, sometimes.
There’s so much judgement around how you choose to parent your children.

If I’m being totally honest, I thought I’d be much different as a mom than I am turning out to be. I’m not as overbearing, over protective, or overly cautious. I’m huge on trial and error, and letting my son try to work things out for himself (as much as a one year old can, anyway).

When I came across this topic on my BG editor’s topic list, I knew I had to write the article. It’s pretty representative of who I am as a mom. YES, there still are times when I make decisions to the contrary, but for the most part, I’m a ‘who cares’ mama, and a damn proud one, too.

Are you part of the ‘who cares’ mom tribe, too??

20 Signs Of A ‘Who Cares’ Mama

Who Cares


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