My Experience In Early Pregnancy (After Multiple Miscarriages)

The moment you get a positive home pregnancy test, a million thoughts and emotions might flood your mind and body. If you're actively trying to conceive, a positive test is all you ever wanted. The thing with me is...I have a history of early miscarriage. I had 3 before getting pregnant (and staying pregnant) with… Continue reading My Experience In Early Pregnancy (After Multiple Miscarriages)


I’m A Mom With Depression: My Weapon for Coping

Depression has never been a thing in my family. It's always just been a "sadness" that you needed to get over by pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. From an outsider's perspective I had no reason to feel the way I did. I had a good life. Everything I needed, most things I wanted. It… Continue reading I’m A Mom With Depression: My Weapon for Coping


Life Nuggets from Pompa: Harboring Hate.

The other day I was asking my grandfather, or Pompa as he is affectionately known in my family, if he was coming home for dinner. He had some errands to run and sometimes his errands keep him out for days (he's old and moves slowly, but the dude can go). I was planning to cook some… Continue reading Life Nuggets from Pompa: Harboring Hate.


Burnout: 5 Steps I’m Taking To Recover

Life is overwhelming to say the least. I'm someone who likes to keep herself busy, whether it's work, school, spending time with family, hobbies, or passions (like this blog). And I'm usually really good at juggling it all, but recently I have been hit with what can only be described as burnout. I've sat at… Continue reading Burnout: 5 Steps I’m Taking To Recover

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Part Of My Mom Philosophy

It's hard to find your mom groove, sometimes. There's so much judgement around how you choose to parent your children. If I'm being totally honest, I thought I'd be much different as a mom than I am turning out to be. I'm not as overbearing, over protective, or overly cautious. I'm huge on trial and error,… Continue reading Part Of My Mom Philosophy


My Style Evolution To ‘Mom’

Style changes across the years, that's totally understandable. I used to be quite the fashionista...not. Comfort over EVERYTHING! I was one of those almost-goth-rocker type chicks. I wore a lot of mens' cut Dickies. See baby me pictured below. I must have been 15 or 16. Oooooh high school. I didn't think too much about… Continue reading My Style Evolution To ‘Mom’


Hand, Foot, and MF Mouth Disease.

Yes. That MF stands for an expletive. A dirty word. A curse word. Moms curse, too! And there's just no other way to convey the frustration of the situation, because I thought it was so random and unbelievable. But I mean...leave it to me to contract a childhood disease, right? Anyway, here's the story about… Continue reading Hand, Foot, and MF Mouth Disease.


I Don’t Need My Husband.

You always hear the phrase, "It takes a village." And I mean, from a sociological standpoint, I could absolutely agree. There are internal and external influences that all materialize in the person someone grows up to be. So I get it. It does take a village. But I'm talking about the normal day to day activities.… Continue reading I Don’t Need My Husband.