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Part Of My Mom Philosophy

It's hard to find your mom groove, sometimes. There's so much judgement around how you choose to parent your children. If I'm being totally honest, I thought I'd be much different as a mom than I am turning out to be. I'm not as overbearing, over protective, or overly cautious. I'm huge on trial and error,… Continue reading Part Of My Mom Philosophy


I Don’t Need My Husband.

You always hear the phrase, "It takes a village." And I mean, from a sociological standpoint, I could absolutely agree. There are internal and external influences that all materialize in the person someone grows up to be. So I get it. It does take a village. But I'm talking about the normal day to day activities.… Continue reading I Don’t Need My Husband.


The 15 Most Important Things Pregnant Moms Should Think About

I've been on vacation with my family... Now that I'm back, tanned and freckled, I'm getting back to business! Here's another article I wrote for a couple of weeks ago. Of course, all lists are subjective, but it's good stuff to think about, I reckon! (Also...Listicles are harder than they seem, y'all! lol) The… Continue reading The 15 Most Important Things Pregnant Moms Should Think About